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About Boostmasterlin

Boostmasterlin Story
Boostmasterlin was founded in 2015, with the aim of hoping that sneaker lovers all over the world can buy sneakers of famous brands with high quality and best price.
BMLin has its own factory and also cooperates with excellent shoe factories in China to ensure that only high quality shoes are produced and sold at wholesale prices.
BMLin welcomes you to experience our quality and service, and invites you to become our partner to serve sneaker lovers around the world!

We offer our customers three versions of the product:Top version, Good version, Budget version.
1.Top quality: Positioning high-end, according to the sales of classic models to determine the development of color matching.
The top version sneakers we sell are exactly the same as the original. Most of the materials used are the same as the original sneakers,
and a few are made of high-quality alternative materials.They even have the same packaging, laces or accessories.
2.Good version: That's what we called Rep 1:1, medium quality. Since it belongs to an earlier batch, changes and upgrades have been made.
Their appearance looks the same as the original.They differ from the top-of-the-line version
in that they use only some of the same materials as the retail batch,
and other parts of the non-genuine raw material are made with high-quality alternatives.
3:Budget version: Positioning mid-range. The color matching update speed is relatively fast,
and more high-quality alternative materials are used, including leather, air cushion, sponge, insole, etc.,
and the appearance is the same as the original one.


We provide our customers with one-to-one customer service, from pre-sales to after-sales,
with a complete service process system.
For our partners, we are in line with the attitude of win-win assistance,
so that our partners can get better development.

Looking forward to your consultation:
WhatsApp : +86 18505021964
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